Teckademic began in Feb. 2014 by a group of personal friends from NYC. The originating founders who range in ages from 27-35 had a desire to create an atmosphere of like minded, adult oriented, mature gamers. Most members have previous experience from other team based online gaming. They understand the concepts of the game and realize that team based play helps everyone advance. The founders also understand the concept that team based games are more fun due to the social aspect of who you surround yourself with.

The clan picked up momentum and the introduction of Clan Wars and other updates spurred the development of Teckademic Farm in Jan. 2015. The originating founders split between both clans to help grow them out. Now we are able to offer two different styles of play, with the option of moving between both environments. The Teckademic Family has helped many members grow within Clash of Clans and we invite you to come clash with us.