Clan Tag# 8YQU8CJ

War clan with 3x wars per week with the option to opt in/opt out. Expert/Elite players only. Fast paced donations and a lot of activity required. Facebook required. ClashCaller Required. A few secondary low level accounts are kept in clan for favorable war match up.

We are looking for like minded people who have previous team based gaming experience and do their part to help the team. If you are a relaxed and passive player then Teckademic is not for you. We are targeting people with existing Clans experience. (Former Clan leaders, co-leaders and elders etc..). Our goal is to build an elite squad of people that understand the values & strategy of the game.

Current Leaders


  1. Sausage Mahony

  2. Shakotan

  3. Adhunsley

  4. Victor
  5. Killer2239
  6. Jay_Cruz
  7. Angry Neeson52
  8. JDrew22 & JDrew2
  9. Dano