Clan Tag # P8R009QC

Teckademic Farm began in Jan. 2015. The clan is geared towards mid/high level farmers. Teck Farm does XP/Loot wars back to back and once per season, a smaller optionable real war. We are part of Orange Alliance, an Asian based group of 300+ clans that synchronize war search in order to match like minded clans for farm wars.

The goal of the clan is to provide quick donations and allow members to work on their upgrades, and heroes. Teckademic gives members that meet the qualifications, the ability to move between the war & farm clans within reason. Facebook is required. Finally, as we pride ourselves in rewarding our active and loyal clan members, we periodically hold contests where gems are awarded to deserving players.

Current Leaders


  1. Mangas50 & Mangas2

  2. JSN

  3. Niv13556

  4. Vach
  5. Stonecarver
  6. Zamiel
  7. Lord Helms


For Orange Alliance Wars

All members of Teckademic Farm must use this setup for their war base. It is designed for the easiest possible 3-star attack, and is required by the League of Orange. Having war bases that fail to follow these guidelines could cause a clan to be penalized.

There are four sections. Please see photo below.


This portion of the base guarantees a 2-star attack for minimal troop cost. It should contain:

  • town hall

  • all loot storages

  • all collectors

  • all barracks

  • all army camps

  • all builder huts

  • all air defenses

  • air sweeper

  • laboratory

  • spell factory

In and Orange League match, the clan that is set to lose the war will attack only this half of each base, gaining them 1 star for the town hall, and a 2nd star for 50% destruction.


This quadrant is designed to be defeated at minimal cost by a couple of minions. It should contain:

  • all cannons

  • all mortars

  • all X-bows (set to ground only)

  • Barbarian King

  • empty clan castle


This quadrant is where the remaining defenses are to be placed, and is the only section where actual effort is required to complete a 3-star attack. It should contain:

  • all wizard towers

  • all archer towers

  • all hidden Teslas

  • all inferno towers (set to single target)

  • Archer Queen


This area should be near the center of your base, or at the very least somewhere between the MINION AREA and the GIANT AREA. Please surround your traps with walls, to eliminate the possibility of enemy troops triggering them.

  • all small bombs

  • all giant bombs

  • all spring traps

  • all air bombs

  • skeleton traps (set to air)